Anakin Skywalker aka Darth Vader

Darth Vader

Lego Darth Vader

Vital statistics
Current Position Darth Vader: Sith Lord, Supreme Commander of the Imperial Fleet
Anakin Skywalker: Jedi Knight, General in the Grand Army of the Republic
Current Age Unknown
Current Status Deceased (Star Wars)
Still alive (Isaac Clip universe)
Equipment Light Saber, etc.
Died in 4 ABY (39:3) Death Star II over Endor
Alias Anakin Skywalker (real name)
Physical attributes
Height 1.88 meters, later 2.02 in armor
Weight 84 kilograms, later 136 in armor
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown
First appearence Unknown
Last appearence Unknown
Voiced by Isaac

Dath Vader is the character from Solly0823. This character is based on his original version and from Star Wars.


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