Fool V.S Idiot
Season 2010, Episode 16
Vital statistics
Air date February 6, 2010
Directed by Isaac
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Fool vs. Idiot is the 16th video for Solly0823. This video starring for Isaac's friend, Raven as Idiot.


A Fool fights with an Idiot.


There is a guy who wants to fighting called Fool and Idiot with their sword. Idiot says wait a second and he slash Fool's hand to picking Fool's sword. Then, Idiot cuts Fool with his and Fool's sword to cut Fool's neck. Fool said wait a second and shows the amazing stuff. Idiot doesn't know what it is. Fool said the standard Remote. Idiot asks Fool what's this for. Fool said it was. Idiot continued to cut Fool. Fool stop Idiot with his remote. It realizes that the remote was freeze remote. Fool takes his sword back from Idiot and make Idiot unfreeze. Idiot tries to stab him. But, Fool's sword is gone from his hand. Fool stab him with his sword and Idiot has died. Then, he describe that the sword is made of plastic. Video ends.



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